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Our Brittanys

Originally bred to hunt game in France, the Brittany is an intelligent dog that is still used for hunting and also makes a great family pet.


& Family

Brittanys have been around since 1700 AD in some way, shape, or form. They certainly didn’t look how they look today, but there are historical records describing a dog much like our Brittanys in France.

The Brittany (Epagneul Breton) was first recognised as a breed in 1907 in France where a dog named Boy was registered.  This led to the first Brittany breed standard being formed.

The United States of America recognised the breed in 1931 and the American Kennel Club recognised the Brittany Spaniel in 1934.

This is the year the breed was first imported into Australia.

In the USA, the word Spaniel was officially dropped and the breed became known as the Brittany.

In 1998 the breed name was changed from Brittany Spaniel to Brittany within Australia.  This was done partly because spaniels flush game whereas the Brittany is a utility gun dog that points and retrieves.

Puppies for Adopting

We sometimes have puppies available. We find them forever homes from 8 weeks old at the earliest. They will have been microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and vet checked. They come with their vet card and pedigree papers. All our pups will have limited registration papers unless otherwise arranged.


& retrieving

Originally bred for hunting, Makuwan Brittanys have a natural ability for hunting all manner of game including ducks, quail, rabbits and deer. Our dogs are regularly used to retrieve ducks, Quail and scent Deer. Speak to us regarding training your pup for these activities.

Adopters Are Saying

My family would not be complete without the 2 little pups that live with us now. They are part of our family and we love them to bits.  We found them easy to train and great with our other animals.

Anna Simpson


These are the most cute, kind and loving dogs in the world! Love the breed and love my babies very much! Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt your puppies.

Jamie Parks


Being an owner of such a wonderful puppy is an extremely responsible thing! Thank you for all your help and professional assistance with our pet.

John Walker


Food. Love.


An energetic and intelligent dog, Brittany's require regular exercise, quality training and nutritious food. Appropriate amounts of exercise and training will go along way to keeping you dog occupied, challenged and obedient.

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